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Metal CNC Machined Keycap (Tall)- Game Cartridge Brass

Metal CNC Machined Keycap (Tall)- Game Cartridge Brass

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On sale due to the latest batch of parts have a slightly large fit on some key switches.  This can usually be remedied if you simply put a small piece of tape over the keycap and then install.

CNC machined metal keycaps! Great care has been taken to make sure the keycaps fit just right. Satin finish, and protected by an anodized surface.

These are best on the top row of your keyboard and the height suits best for OEM/cherry profiles.  Brass is dense, so be mindful if your keyboard springs are very light. The color for the renderings are not quite right and for reference only.  Please refer to the image of the actual parts for expected colors.

Weight = 11.4 g

Dimensions = 18 l x18w x11 h

Note: These are designed for switches that have a stem that is in the shape of a "plus" sign. If you have a box style, this may or may not fit.


Aluminum, Brass



These parts are not mass produced and we use multiple machine shops, so surface finish, texture, and color may vary between batches. Colors may also look different depending on your screen, the lighting, and variations in anodizing. If you use very light springs on your keyboard, brass is not recommended. Please be sure to review our refund policy for cancelled and returned orders.Please see our FAQ page for information about international orders, import fees, and tariffs. We do not change the value of the shipment.Brass will come "as machined" and can show some oxidation/discolor/micro scratches and some tarnishing possible. To remedy, simply use a 3M scotch pad, or a fine steel wool prior to assembly. Clear coating recommended after polishing. In other words, please assume you will need to do your final surface finishing.

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